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Overall impressions of PCModfit
Mainly for the author of the program PCModfit...fortunately, I was aware the Forum site had to be rebuilt - I couldn't login! As a follow up to my initial comments on PCModfit; I'm still extremely +ve about it - you'll be pleased to know.
So far, I've found the program very easy to use for NCA and it yields the right answers. Compared the results with some commercial ones and it gave the same result very quickly. The 'paper trail' for pts. selected to get t1/2 is good and so are the graphics in the files and in the spreadsheet.
Struggled a bit with modelling at first but after reading the manual it was straightforward, very fast and accurate. I really do like the graphics in charts within the spreadsheet - as mentioned in my defunct message a few days ago; not many other programs do this to my knowledge.
I've now tried out the 'time above' and again it's easy to use. Also, the SD and RD simulators are very useful...again fast and flexible with a few nice touches. Again good graphics.
Now been using the Superposition module quite a lot and I am impressed. It's pretty quick and again very flexible. Useful to be able to alter the doses and intervals throughout a run. I also like the ability to change the t1/2 to override the program assigned ones. As you mentioned in the manual, useful when only limited data is available for the 1st dose but I know what the real apparent t1/2 is. Love the graphics! Can be imported into reports easily.
As I've only been using PCModfit for a short time, I'm sure other users (there are quite a few now) will understand the program much better than I do but overall it is a very unique and well thought out program. Thanks for making it available to PK bods worldwide!!
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Hi ILikePK,
Just finished reading your comments about 1st thoughts of the program. Can't argue with any of them! I've been using it for years and although there were some quirks with early versions, the latest ones have made it versatile, quick and a overall a professional suite of programs.  I fully agree with your comments.
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