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RD 2-compt. oral data experiment
Attached are some data and results from my tinkering...
Generated some almost perfect repeat dose data (loads of points) using a 2-compt. oral model and then created other profiles with a random error of about +/- 6%. These were all using a regimen of 1000mg every dose for 5 doses but with varied dosing intervals.

I modelled the data sets in 3-ways all using model 10, 1/C2 weighting and IRWLS (Marquardt algorithm):
a) 10 profiles separately (but within one run).
b) Mean of the 10 profiles and
c) all 10 profiles at once (about 600 data points)
just to see what the results looked like.

Amused to see that the final results were all pretty similar...yippee!  Smile
Obviously slight differences as expected but overall a very decent set of results.

The sheet attached contains the results, the actual data used and the setup parameters if anyone is interested. What really impressed me with the program was the run with ca. 600 data points in one go, took less than 0.1 second (using Intel i7 processor). I give the author 2 gold stars for this one!
It was an interesting exercise for sure!
Happy modelling.


Attached Files
.xlsx   2-compt RD oral - Copy.xlsx (Size: 56.84 KB / Downloads: 24)
Hi Notquitenewton...downloaded the data sets and tried it out for fun! Yep, same set of results. Interesting running these data as I also noticed the speed of modelling with the ca. 600 samples profile.  I know speed isn't everything but the answers look pretty damn accurate as well. Thanks for sharing these. Regarding actual data sets...these are a bit sparse in the literature and in some commercial programs you have to buy it to find out what it does!!! PCModfit does seem to be a pretty 'open' program with numerous examples in the manual and in my opinion does have some very clever features indeed. Top of my list for sure now [Image: heart.png] and I've only been using for a couple of months!
Regards from ILikePK

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