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**Version 7.3 has just been released**
Just for information, PCModfit V7.3 with updates from previous versions is now released (runs on 32 or 64-bit PC computers). The modelling option has been modified to allow models 1 to 6 (poly-exponentials i.v. and oral) to be used in repeat dosing regimens as this was suggested by a few users. The models worked fine for single dose regimens but not coded for repeated doses with different doses and intervals. This option is now available and has been tested. If the user prefers the compartmental models (recommended) with micro-rates e.g., k12, k21 etc. these models can still be used for single and repeat dose scenarios as before. In most of the spreadsheets there is now a facility (updated in V7.3) to calculate micro-rate values from λ values and vice-versa as these can be tricky to calculate with multiple compartments.
Users can download the installer from the Website...

Thanks Graham...I'll download V7.3 and have a play as I have some data to try out models 1 to 6. By the way, V7.2 did show quite a speed improvement for Superposition as you mentioned - thanks for that. It is a clever piece of programming.  Tongue
Also, I know another user was praising the graphics in the Modelling module as it now displays the pictorial results as Charts within Excel (like all the modules do). I do like this, particularly for papers and discussions as well as reports. I agree with the other user that other PK programs are a bit lacking on this front! The speed of fitting even repeat dose data having numerous values with varying intervals and doses, is stunning.
The NCA module is easy to use and yields the same results from my data sets as other commercial ones. The final results being displayed in Excel make life easy for reports.
Currently, no negative comments from me at all. I am a long term user of PCModfit and it does have some very unique features. Thanks for making it available.
Smile Smile
Nice to see regular updates. I'll download and try it out. Personally, I prefer to use compartmental models rather than pure poly-exponential ones although the modelling results are the same, as would be expected.
Thanks for the update Graham and I'll try to give some feedback when I've tried it out!
Big Grin

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