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Trying out V7.3 poly-exponentials and a 3-compt. oral model
To Graham (Author) and anyone else who is interested...
I've been tinkering around with models 1 to 6 as single and repeat doses using the latest V7.3. From my data sets, everything seems to work fine you'll be pleased to know. I thought I'd try out the 4-exponential oral model (model no. 3 as I've never used this one) and see how it compared to model no. 42 (never used this one either!). They should yield a very similar answer and bingo; they did! I've attached the data and my starting estimates etc. for each one to show how the two models compare as I can't see any 3-compartment oral data anywhere in the literature! Now there's a surprise!!!
I ended up with an identical sum of squares and overall fit. The compartment model took a tad longer (well, 1/2 second) which is not surprising as the complexity of the calculations far exceeds a that of a simple poly-exponential function.
The data were generated separately from the program and slightly rounded for ease of examination. I've attached the data with my starting parameters, doses and intervals etc. together with the results that I got. Methinks this demonstrates PCModfit has these models working just fine and yields an identical result really quickly. Happy bunny!!
I've tried similar comparisons with 1 and 2-compartment i.v. and oral profiles as well and they all match up nicely as well!
It was an interesting one for sure!
Smile Smile Smile

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.xlsx   3-compartment oral.xlsx (Size: 55.09 KB / Downloads: 25)
Many thanks Notquitenewton. It only took a couple of minutes to try your data sets and yes, I got the same result. Certainly an interesting exercise!
It would be interesting to see other programs with these data and a side, I wonder if the 'volunteer' had any blood left!!
Big Grin

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