Latest update on 31st May 2022.

Download PCModfit V7.3 (below) for installation on a PC.

PCModfit has been tested under Windows 7 to 11 with Microsoft Office 2013 to 2019. Version 7.3 is another upgrade and again is free.

When PCModfit V7.3 Setup is run, make sure the default directory is C:\PCModfit V7.3\ otherwise there will be some problems.

The updates from V6 through to V7.3 are generally major but free upgrades. From V6.9 to V7.3 and in future ones,
PCModfit will check the Website automatically to see if there is a newer version available and will notify the user. Note that a newer version does not overwrite the existing one but creates a new directory and shortcut on the Desktop.

A detailed manual (ca. 110 pages) is available in the setup procedure (installed in directory C:\PCModfit V7.3\Manual\).
It covers most aspects of the program and it has been significantly updated - it did take a while to write and to maintain!
Click on picture below for the V7.3 download (including the manual which can also be downloaded separately).

Program + Manual     Manual only

Although PCModfit is free for download and use at present, a small donation would help me continue with the Website
and maintaining the program if you find it particularly useful in your work/research.
The PayPal button below gives the donor 5-options depending on how rich they feel. There are more than
6000 users worldwide and only 10 have made a donation!
Thanks for your consideration.

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