Non-Compartmental Analysis (and publication list referencing PCModfit, lower down this page)

The model independent option (NCA) in PCModfit allows the user to analyse time-concentration data within Excel. The user can easily select (or deselect) the number of data points interactively using a high resolution graphics window to estimate half-lives, tmax, Cmax and various types of AUC and AUMC. The results are directly and neatly transferred to the NCA Excel spreadsheet and as separate Excel files (for record purposes) so further editing can be conducted. High quality plots of the data and fitted line can easily be imported into Word etc. Both pictures and text results are stored in the 'Results' folder in the PCModfit directory

There are also extensive help facilities within each option. A clipped snippet of what the user is likely to see is shown below for information.The NCA intercept value is now (V7.1 onwards) displayed on the graph, in the Spreadsheet and Excel results files. Useful for C0 values with bolus i.v. data and in other calculations. From V7.1 onwards, additional parameters such as CL, MRT, Vd and Vss are also calculated with all results displayed in an Excel spreadsheet which is saved in directory /Results/ as NCA*.xls or .xlsx files, which opens automatically after the data set(s) are analysed, and in the NCA spreadsheet.

Since the latest version was released (V6 onwards), PCModfit NCA has been tested using published data from the literature and verified by several users and the all results show the same values as two other programs i.e. WinNonLin and PKSolver.
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 9 9 (2010) 306-314 PKSolver: An add-in program for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data analysis in Microsoft Excel Yong Zhanga,1, Meirong Huoa,1, Jianping Zhoua,*, Shaofei Xieb.

The data and results are shown in the Ref. and the user should try the NCA data for comparison themselves.

Shown below for information...

A quick search of the internet suggests that PCModfit has been referenced numerous times in publications and used in submissions and without a detailed look, over 100 were found and ca. 60 of these are shown below for information.

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