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Brief updates:
PCModfit V7.3 with updates from previous versions is now released (runs on 32 or 64-bit PC computers). The modelling option has been modified to allow models 1 to 6 (polyexponentials i.v. and oral) to be used in repeat dosing regimens as this was suggested by a few users. The models worked fine for single dose regimens but not coded for repeated doses with different doses and intervals. This option is now available and has been tested. If the user prefers the compartmental models (recommended) with micro-rates e.g., k12, k21 etc. these models can still be used for single and repeat dose scenarios as before. In most of the spreadsheets there is now a facility (updated in V7.3) to calculate micro-rate values from Lambda (λ) values and vice-versa as these can be tricky to calculate with multiple compartments.

PCModfit runs with Excel 2013/2016/2019 and other versions (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11).

The non-PC version was published in Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition Vol. 11, No. 6, 1990, p.477-497. The author has used PCModfit for numerous Phase I and II studies for domestic and international companies.

All of the computer source code has been rewritten since publication to ensure more accuracy and versatility. The program will only run on a local computer - not a network server and each installation has its own unique licence. PCModfit is mentioned as a reference in over 100 publications to date (ca. 60 are shown on the NCA menu item above for information). The instructions for each option are shown on the individual Tabs within the Excel spreadsheet and in the manual.

User licenses are free and so is the new manual (as a PDF file) in the C:\PCModfit V7.3\Manual\ directory (after installation).

The setup program is available from the menu item Download, at the top of this page where some guidance on installation is provided.

Last Revised: 31st May 2022

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