Single and repeat dose simulations

Single and repeat dose simulations can be conducted easily when the parameters are known. User time points can now be specified if required for both options. For the repeat dose option, dose routes, dosing intervals and doses can be adjusted in any sequence with a different set of parameters for each dose if desired. A couple of pictures are shown below for information. For each of the two simulation options, instructions are provided on the Excel speadsheets within PCModfit Excel module. Several simulations can be conducted with the results displayed on a single Chart (within the spreadsheet).

Single dose simulations - model 8 (1-compartment oral with different doses and parameters).

Repeat dose simulations - model 17 (2-compartment i.v. infusion with different doses, parameters and infusion times).

Repeat dose simulation with user defined differential equations (2-compartment i.v. bolus + infusion followed by oral dosing with different doses and intervals). The 1st picture showing compartment 1 and the 2nd showing all compartments.